Rochester, beware! #mnlib17

The Minnesota Library Association conference is in Rochester this year, so if you encounter inordinate numbers of women in cardigans….

I presented this morning, and did okay. I had a few folks ask questions, which is always a good sign.

I’m here with a neighbor and retired librarian, a lovely and elegant woman. Virginia was a librarian with the Rochester Public Schools, and was the first woman of color hired at RPL. She has some interesting stories, as you can imagine. We’re having a good time, hanging out at the conference and visiting different sessions.

It’s always good to hang out with other librarians, which is a luxury I don’t normally have. Being a solitary librarian has its drawbacks, and the lack of peeps to query or just hang out with is one of them. It’s good to be amongst folks that speak the same language.

So, Rochesterites, be on the lookout. There are hundreds of librarians in your midst.

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