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Never forget

“Never forget.”

I see this on many, many Facebook and Twitter posts this morning, and I agree. We should never forget the horrible events that took place 16 years ago. I know I certainly will never forget where I was when I heard what was happening, the feeling when the towers fell, the horror as the full realization of what had happened hit me.Image may contain: skyscraper, sky and outdoor

And then I realize that for our incoming freshman class, the events of 9/11 took place when they were TWO YEARS OLD. For them, it’s an historical event that has no associated memory. I was five when JFK was shot; I have a dim memory of a funeral on television, but certainly none of the horror my parents must have felt when they heard the President had been assassinated.

It’s up to us to pass along the import of 9/11, to help the current (and subsequent) generations understand why we feel it’s an event that deserves remembrance.

To that end, please read my memorial for Howard Lee Kane. May we never forget.

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