Anchoring Our Practice #acrl2017

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Academic Libraries.

The scholarship of teaching and leaning invites faculty…to view teaching as serious, intellectual work, ask good questions about their students’ learning, seek evidence in their classrooms that can be used to improve practice, and make this work public so that others can critique it, build on it, and contribute to the wider teaching commons. (Shulman, 2006, p.ix).

Framing: a reframing of what you’re doing. Teaching + research + publishing.

Questions to consider:

– what works (or doesn’t!)?

– what impacts learning

– what problems have you solved?

Embarking: Questions – things that make you go hmmmm. What is, what works, visions of the possible.

Support: literature, institution, virtual communities of practice. Look around for literature, may be in disciplinary lit. Virtual networks – #librarianSoTL.

Doing: Benefits – to students, faculty, your institution, the profession, to YOU!

Possibilities: support for others, collaboration with others, your own practice.

Considering: ethics, finding support on campus, partnerships, disseminating research. Consider discipline-specific conferences, journals. Look to journals that are specific to SoTL.

Exploring: much has been written about SoTL:

– Felten (2013); Hutchings (2009); Miller-Young & Yeo (2015)

– Teaching and Learning Inquiry; Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning; International Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Little has been published on librarians and SoTL:

– Bradley (2009); Mitchell & Mitchell (2015)

Get outside the library literature!


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