Truth, Lies, and Managing Information #acrl2017

University of Central Missouri. 2 credit course. Translated experience into developing Personal, Professional and Academic areas. Teaching classes, providing library instruction.

Importance of this structure: aware of right search tool for the job; developing more sophisticated evaluation; providing students with real-life situations. Learn to think.

Critical thinking tools. Not just talking about information literacy as an academic skill-set, but using the skills in their personal and professional lives. Tried to come up with approaches that worked across all. Used the CRAAP test rubric. (Currency, relevancy, authority, accuracy, and purpose.)

Students had to score a resource on a scale of 0-15. Students ended up developing a love-hate relationship with the CRAAP test because they became so familiar with it. Realized that students had trouble recognizing authority, accuracy and purpose.

Had to teach students how to identify and create strong arguments; differentiate opinion from argument. Use multiple sources of evidence, use different kinds of evidence, fully cite sources, acknowledge other points of view respectfully (but explain why yours is better) , and accurately reflect the information coming from other sources.

Scenarios were used throughout the modules – realistic problem that they needed to research and write an opinion on. Ex: write a letter to your sister explaining why she should have her son vaccinated. Professional: write a report for the hospital explaining why special lifting equipment is needed to assist nurses, to reduce back injuries.

Outcomes indicated an enormous increase in the students’ confidence level in skills.


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