InfoLit Squad Goals #acrl2017

Using interdisciplinary faculty learning communities to facilitate real talk about information literacy. Jason Vance, Information Literacy librarian at Middle Tennessee State University.

Have a faculty learning community – Learning teaching and innovative technologies center hosts 4-5 faculty learning communities every year. Why not information literacy? Proposal accepted; center recruited and incentivised attendance.

Used ACRL’s Framework as basis for conversations. Faculty had zero familiarity with framework. Scholarship as Conversation was a great conversation, but subsequent frames got messier as the overlaps between them became apparent.

The next semester had a more broad conversation about student writing and research. One conversation centered around citation styles.

Each group is encouraged to see their faculty learning community to contribute to a broader conversation on campus. This group created an Information Literacy Curriculum Integration Grant. The first winner revised her class with such success that her colleagues are revising theirs.

The second outcome was that there was a group of participants that was interested in continuing the conversation. Now have an Information Literacy Faculty Advisory Group. Give feedback on library instruction, serve as review committee on the grant.

Campus-wide conversation and culture change is happening on campus because of this grant.







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