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We’ve come around to the anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the country. I was one of the bloggers who memorialized those who died on that horrible day, and the man whose name I was given was Howard Kane. I feel like I got to know Howard a bit in doing my research, and I think about him on this day and whenever I see the Towers.

I wonder how this day affects the families of those people who died. Is it a comfort to see the memorial blog posts and web pages, or is it a shattering reminder, a stab to the heart? While I want to remember Howard, I don’t want to be the cause of more grief for his family and friends.

I would hope and pray that the families have begun to heal a bit, for the rents in their hearts to begin to close. Having lost too many in our lives in the past three years, I understand a bit about the loss of a loved one….though having them torn from you in such a way must make the grieving that much deeper.

I pray that they have been blessed with God’s peace. I remember Howard, and trust he is at peace.

Eternal Rest, grant unto them, Oh, Lord, and may Perpetual Light shine upon them.

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