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Spell it out

There have been website updates recently for a couple of organizations with which I am associated. In one case, the web person forgot to put the name of the organization on the main page. (Oops.)  It’s too soon to tell with the other as it has yet to launch, but I’m sure there will be something.

Why?  Certainly not because the person in charge of the site is slipping. It’s simply that these sites are so big, it’s hard to see the details when you’ve been slogging through them for weeks and months.

It is imperative, therefore, to have someone that isn’t you or your staff or your web person take a look at your site to see where you might have missed something. Case in point, I’m doing some research for MPOW involving higher education conferences. In my research I’ve come across a number of sites that are Exceedingly Acronym Happy. One of these EAH sites has an acronym for its name….and never says what the thing means. I have no idea, even after looking in the “About us” section and the “FAQ” section and the “Contact us” section.

There’s something about this that makes me suspicious.  Perhaps you’re trying to sell me something and you’re hiding your real identity for unknown reasons. (Perhaps I’ve been reading too many mysteries and thrillers.) In any case, if you have an acronym on your site, at some point early on you need to spell it out.  This is one of those times when having an outsider take a look at your website would be helpful, especially if they’re not in on the acronym game. The first time someone says, “What’s that?” you have a clue to something that needs to be clarified.

Rant over. Back to searching for swell higher ed conferences. And, by the way, if there’s a conference you’ve attended that you recommend, please let me know!

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It has been a difficult summer in our household.

As you may remember, my mom passed away two years ago, in June 2012. My dad passed away in November of 2013.

My father-in-law has now passed away, the day after Father’s Day. That’s three parents in three years.

The DAY of my father-in-law’s funeral, DBF’s mom fell….and then she passed away a week later. Her funeral was a week ago today. Given that I’ve known DBF for many, many years, I feel the loss of her mom acutely. She was one of those people I just called “Mom.”

DBF and her husband, along with DH and I, are now in the unenviable position of being orphans. Granted, we’re at the age when this is not unusual. But there is a hollow place in my heart where my parents used to live.

The loss of so many so quickly has left me a bit bereft.

If your parents are still with you, call them. Better yet, visit them. Give them a kiss and a hug. Trust me, you won’t be sorry you did.

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