Failure to present

I’m looking at the program for Computers in Libraries and considering whether I will attend.  As I’m reviewing the program titles, I’m struck with the notion that I could be presenting at this conference, given the topics.   For instance: “Solving common issues with innovative collaboration.” That’s what UMR is all about.

What’s my holdup, I wonder? In my day-to-day work, I don’t think about whether what we’re doing here is special, or different, or innovative. Yet  MPOW has been written up in publications ranging from the Chronicle of Higher Education to, most recently, Forbes

I struggle to think of how I can present what we’re doing here at UMR, since it feels….routine. Yet, when I look at conference programs, I realize that we’re already doing some of the things that other presenters are talking about. I sometimes  sit and listen to presentations and wonder why I didn’t think to develop some presentation that talks about these things.

Part of it is a question of what topic I would present. How to create a library from scratch? How to talk to students about information literacy when you don’t have a physical collection? How to collaborate with the faculty on everything from information literacy to acting workshops?  

I’d love to hear from you. Would any of these interest you? What would you like to know about UMR and its virtual library?



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