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It’s been 12 years since the Twin Towers were attacked, 12 years since the Pentagon was savaged, 12 years since an incredibly heroic group of passengers took down a jet rather than have it used as a weapon.  And yet. I can still see those horrific images, still feel the shock.

My students were 6 and 7 years old when it happened. They may remember the grownups in their lives being upset, but they likely don’t really remember. They’ve grown up in a post-9/11 world, where it’s always been normal to be patted down and searched before getting on a plane, and having the government poke through your business is business as usual.

I mourn for the days when we didn’t really worry about terrorist attacks, when we could travel in relative peace and comfort, and when we didn’t look with suspicion on people who looked like they might be from there.

In memoriam, please take a moment to reflect on those who died, especially Howard Kane.

Eternal Rest, grant unto them, Oh, Lord, and may perpetual light shine upon them.


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