Travel woes and wins

It’s an icky day here in Rochester, with rain, freezing rain, occasional snow….you know, spring in Minnesota. On any other day, I would shrug my shoulders and wait for the warm to return, but today I’m flying to the ACRL conference in Indianapolis. Unfortunately for me, my flight goes through Chicago, which is apparently receiving a more severe version of what we have going on, and my flight was canceled.

I’ve never had that happen before.

Luckily for me, I booked through Travelocity. I called them, and a wonderful woman named Pat worked with me for 20 minutes and managed to get me re-booked on another pair of flights on a different airline that routes through Minneapolis. I now leave a few hours later than originally planned, which gives me time to check email and have a cup of coffee.

I am seriously impressed with Travelocity. Pat was helpful and understanding of my plight, and did her very best to get me back on track an on to my destination. All I had to do was sit back and be patient.

I’ve booked travel through them before, but never had the opportunity to use their services to get me out of a jam. Given my experience this morning, I will always book with them.

Of course, this gets me thinking about how this can translate to my world in the library. Are we being as helpful as possible in assisting our patrons, especially when they have a crisis? If we are, we will have gained an ally for life. I know that Travelocity has earned an ally in me this morning.


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