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When Pinterest began, I jumped in to investigate, as we librarians are wont to do. I must admit, I wasn’t all that intrigued. I found the idea of posting pictures odd; I guess I’m more word-oriented than visually oriented.

DBF, on the other hand, is visually oriented. She has, for years, kept a binder of photos from magazines that she used for inspiration in decorating. And damned if she didn’t use it, too. I’ve been shopping with her when she’s carried the binder with her, choosing items that most closely resemble the items she wanted to create the space she visualized. Pinterest is the virtual version of her binder. Perfect.

I have a cousin that’s a professional photographer, and her Pinterest boards are a wonder. She has a zillion of them (okay, 124.  But still.) They’re a collection of things she finds interesting, or beautiful, or funny.  And since she’s a wedding photographer, there are wedding boards. Blue weddings. Celtic weddings. Rustic weddings. Pink weddings. Wedding dresses. Wedding cakes. Amazing stuff, and I would think very useful for a bride-to-be. (Warning: you can get lost for hours looking through Susan’s boards. Seriously.)

I have begun to be more involved in Pinterest. I find myself using it as a holding place for recipes, primarily. It’s handy, quick, and in this instance, I find the photo to be more helpful than a title. My pins are occasionally repinned, most popular being a photo I took at DBF’s lake cottage at sunset.  It is a beautiful photo, if I do say so myself.

Here at MPOW, we’re talking about how we can use Pinterest. I know there are businesses that are using Pinterest, and there are libraries using it, too. It’s definitely a shift in presentation, going from the written word to photos to represent your message. The Mayo Clinic has started using Pinterest.  A number of retail companies are using it, too, which is like having a virtual catalog at your fingertips. Clever, that.

It feels like we’ve reached the tipping point with Pinterest. How are you using Pinterest?  Please share!


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