Phone phishing

I got a phone call on my cell this morning, from a ‘blocked’ number. I took it because I was curious, wondering who would call me with a blocked number?

I was informed, via a robotic voice, that my credit card information from Somewhere Community Credit Union (I missed the first word) had been stolen. If I would please press 1, I would be directed to a security representative.


Needless to say, I did not press 1. I don’t have a credit card from any community credit union. What makes me nervous, though, are the people that do have a card with a credit union and are frightened into pressing 1…..where I’m guessing some slimeball will ask for sensitive information.

I have no idea how these people got my cell phone number. I have no idea how many cell phones are being called, especially if it’s robotic calling. You don’t even need to be doing the calling yourself; you simply wait until some unsuspecting person presses “1” and the game is on.

Please pass this story around, especially to those who may be a bit naive to scams like this.


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