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New library space

This is a great idea.  A Wal-Mart closed in McAllen, Texas and apparently abandoned the building. The city decided it would be a great place for the library.

It’s a beautiful space, and a terrific use of a space that would otherwise be wasted.

Take a look for yourself. And if you’re in a library and are thinking of a new building, take a look around your city. Is there a place like this that you could use?


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The hand-wringing shall end

Please, people.

I know it’s been hard for libraries in the past few years.  It’s been hard for everyone.  But standing in the corner, wringing your hands and whinging about how we’re important, we really are, can’t you understand? Not helping. Not effective.

Enter Bobbi Newman and her brilliant post. Go and read it now. And start acting like the powerful partner that you are.

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