Requiat in Pacem


My mom passed away last week.

Mom was warm and generous, witty and funny, and brilliant. When mom was in kindergarten, one day the teacher found her in the corner reading to the rest of the kids. They decided that perhaps it would be more fitting to have her move to 1st grade.

Mom went through school the youngest in her class. She entered Marquette University at 17 and almost immediately met Dad at a Marquette football game. They’ve been together ever since.

Mom and Dad married a few week

s after her graduation from Marquette with a degree in nursing. While Mom was a good nurse, what she really wanted to be was a mother. So Mom and Dad set out to have a family, and they wanted a big family. Mom hated the fact that she had been an only child. When we kids would inevitably fight, her mantra was, “When I was your age, I would have given anything for a brother or sister.” This would usually prompt us to offer to give her whatever sibling we were fighting with at the time.

Mom was generous with her time, volunteering with the church, with schools, and with the Red Cross. She was warm and inviting, and opened our home to friends, to family, and even to the occasional stranger. She was a terrific writer, and was the Grammar Police. We were often told that if we could write well, we could get through college. (True.) And we were admonished if we swore too often, as that was a sure sign that our vocabularies weren’t robust enough.

Mom loved being a grandmother and a great-grandmother. She loved dogs. She loved law shows, and probably would have been an attorney had her mother not pushed her into nursing.

My mother was the heart of our family, and will be dearly missed.

Rest in peace, Mom.



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2 responses to “Requiat in Pacem

  1. Becky

    I’m very sorry to hear of your loss. My thoughts are with you and your family.

  2. Sorry for your loss. My parents were much like yours, but my father was more the Grammar Police than my mother. I guess that is where I get it. (My school teaching sisters, actually get to use it!)

    One of my sisters posted on Facebook about the “comfortable” nature of our house — with 8 kids in 12 years, it could be a zoo. I think her comment was related to the graphic about not cleaning as long as there were kids in the house, which was always!

    My mom was also an only child and always said that she would not do that to her children. It was great. When my mom got sick a few years ago, my siblings and I spent some time together (suddenly and unexpectedly) without spouses or kids. We learned that we like each other as adults! What a joy!

    Here is what I said 4 and 3 years ago:
    4 years ago –
    and –
    3 years ago –

    Keep the happy memories close!

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