Students and digital media

Jenica points to a brilliant assignment from Greg Downey: having students find information that is not online.

Finding information that’s not online.  Find an article (research journal article, analytic newspaper article, serious magazine article, or scholarly book chapter) that is on the topic of the Internet or new media, but not available (at least, not to you) on the Internet, and acquire a digital copy of that article.

Read the whole thing.  It’s a great way to help students understand what it takes to create a digital archive.  And, judging by some of the comments Greg shares, it was a great way to introduce students to the wonders of a physical library.

“The next thing I knew, I was wandering deep into the stacks of Memorial Library alone in the dark.  At first it was scary, but then I realized how many fascinating books our school has that I never knew about.  Before I even began looking for the book I was searching for, I started picking up random books.  Some dated as far back as 1865.  I was amazed with what our libraries offer.”

Love that.  Great idea. Rather makes me wish my library wasn’t virtual!


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