Go Libraries

The Olympics are in London this summer, and for the first time – or, at least, for the first time I noticed – they are incorporating libraries in the mix.  No, they’re not having a book cart drill event, though that would be amusing.  The Surrey County Council has incorporated “Go Libraries” to assist tourists.  Brilliant.

Surrey County Council has already started training library and museum workers on all things Games-related and staff have been tasked with researching local attractions.

Seriously, isn’t this a wonderful idea?  The webpage has an interactive map, links to each of the libraries, and has great links to trivia, history, and books about the Olympics.

The Olympics is a huge event, and will no doubt draw many, many visitors.  However, there are events all over the country that might benefit from this sort of library presence. The County Fair. The summer concert series. Winterfest. Summerfest. Octoberfest. Whatever. Take a look at your community and see how your library might be of assistance.


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