Shiny things

I am one of the librarians that enjoy techie stuff. There are those that are far techier than I, and are really on the cutting edge of various and sundry new technologies that do – or at least are capable of doing – new and swell things.  We also have the tendency to be easily distracted by these new shiny things.

One of the latest of the trendy technologies is the QR code.  For those of you that aren’t sure what that is, it’s the block of weird shapes that occasionally will be posted on a sign, or on a label, that you’re supposed to scan with your smart phone or something similar.  Once you’ve done that, it will take you to a site that tells you something else about the place or product.

It’s kind of cool, but I haven’t jumped on that wagon just yet. It seemed like a lot of work for not much benefit. I mean, I have to create the code thingy, create the backpage I want it to go to, and then I have to educate my entire patron population about what the thing is and how to use it.  And oh, by the way, help them download the app onto their smart phone, since most of them don’t already come equipped with an application that automatically reads these things.

As it turns out, it may have been just as well.  Dan Frommer has written a piece in the Business Insider calling for the Death to the QR Code.   He notes in his last line that, “it’s hard to see them really taking off. Their utility hasn’t yet made up for their awkwardness.”  He’s right. I think I’ll stay off this bandwagon for a while.

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