What not to wear

I’m at a library conference in Philadelphia, specifically geared to academic librarians. (ACRL.)

It’s always fun to people-watch at these things, and I’m focusing on fashion primarily because the closing keynote is Clinton Kelly, of “What Not to Wear.” Unfortunately, I’m going to miss him.  I wonder what he’ll say.

As I’m people-watching, I’m noticing that most of us are dressed pretty well.  The notable exception, it finally came to me, was the population of overweight women. Almost universally, these folks need Clinton’s help.

However, as an overweight woman myself, I can relate to the struggle these women have in finding clothes that a)fit and b)look good.

SO my question is this: where are the designers for fat broads?



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2 responses to “What not to wear

  1. Susan

    Try subscribing to the “Notes from the Fatosphere” RSS feed from Big Fat Blog for a while to pick up some “fatshionista” blogs. Many of the blog posts on this feed are fat acceptance, but there are quite a few ones dedicated to fashion, and they call out where they got their clothing. Or, just do a search for fatshionista blogs in general.

  2. I’ve never heard that word, Susan! Sounds like a good search term….I’ll give that a try.

    It was rather sad. All of these heavy women, dressed badly and noticeably uncomfortable in their own skin. Great clothes make a woman feel great, and there is a dearth of them to be found…or at least, easily found.

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