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The porn issue has reared its ugly head again, this time in New York.  Librarian Andy Woodworth discusses the story in his blog, noting that the porn thing distracts from all the good things libraries do.  The media does like a good porn story.

As those of you who read my blog know, my opinion on this is pretty strong.  I feel that viewing pornography on a public access computer is akin to walking in the front door of the library and dropping your pants.

Not. Appropriate Behavior.

Why librarians feel compelled to drag the First Amendment out on this is beyond me.  Most libraries choose not to collect pornographic materials for their collections. Why is viewing that material in digital format any more acceptable?

There are a lot of issues that librarians can get behind. This shouldn’t be one of them.

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What not to wear

I’m at a library conference in Philadelphia, specifically geared to academic librarians. (ACRL.)

It’s always fun to people-watch at these things, and I’m focusing on fashion primarily because the closing keynote is Clinton Kelly, of “What Not to Wear.” Unfortunately, I’m going to miss him.  I wonder what he’ll say.

As I’m people-watching, I’m noticing that most of us are dressed pretty well.  The notable exception, it finally came to me, was the population of overweight women. Almost universally, these folks need Clinton’s help.

However, as an overweight woman myself, I can relate to the struggle these women have in finding clothes that a)fit and b)look good.

SO my question is this: where are the designers for fat broads?


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