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On conferences

I attended a conference last week, and gave a presentation on what we’re doing here at MPOW and how the library is collaborating with the IT folks to create a virtual library that serves the whole campus community.  You wouldn’t think a collaborative relationship between the library and IT is unusual, but apparently it is.  (The conference, by the way, was the LibTech conference in St. Paul, Minnesota.)

We had a nice audience, including one librarian from Nigeria. (He definitely won the “who came the farthest” award.)  They asked a number of questions about how we’re doing what we’re doing. There was at least one librarian that was researching how it worked, as their campus was readying to create a virtual library environment.

It’s an interesting process, creating a presentation. The creation process forces introspection, and examination of what you’re doing and why. In some ways, I wonder why anyone would want to know what we’re doing….and then I realize that what we’re doing really is a bit unusual and there probably are people out there that might be interested.

I spent the rest of the conference facilitating sessions, and was honored to introduce the keynote speaker on the second day. It was fun and interesting…and exhausting.  Why are conferences always exhausting?

That said, next week I head to another conference – ACRL in Philadelphia. I’m looking forward to the conference, and hope to have at least a little time to explore Philadelphia – the history major in me is clamoring to see the historic sites.

Anyone else heading to ACRL?

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