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DH and I married in our early 40’s and each brought to the marriage loads of “stuff” – furniture, kitchen items, televisions, and art.  When we were arranging our house in Nebraska, there were a couple of pieces of art I couldn’t bring myself to use. One was an etching of a ship at dock, framed in barnboard and matted with the most vibrant yellow I had seen outside of children’s art.  It was awful.  I shuddered and relegated it to the back of the closet.

Years later we moved to Minnesota and I was, once again, arranging the house.  I had a number of framed etchings, from England and from New Orleans, that I was hanging in the dining room.  I needed one more piece of art and started to go through the pieces that DH and I had.  I came across the hideously matted piece, and for the first time, took a really good look at the art itself.  The etching was really quite lovely.  It was just completely overwhelmed by the awful mat and frame.

I took the piece to the local art shop and had it rematted and reframed, and it hangs in our dining room.  And it’s lovely.

I’m looking at a number of areas at the moment and am wondering how I can reframe them. Where’s the lovely jewel at the center that just needs a new mat and frame? What are the areas in your life that need reframing?



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