Michael Porter has a quick post that I must share with you.

When I was a senior in college, I did a project using UWM’s mainframe computer and punch cards.  I’m guessing that it was an enormously expensive machine and probably didn’t have the computing capability of my phone.  And it took up a huge amount of physical space.

You can now get 1/4 of a terrabite of storage on a flash drive for under $100.  I could fit a terrabite of storage in my purse. (DH would tell you I could fit a small village in my purse, but that’s another discussion.)

This shrinkage of size and affordability seem important, but I can’t quite put my finger on why it’s so significant.  I just have a feeling this will be looked back upon as a turning point.





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2 responses to “Unreal

  1. svmark

    I ran a newspaper in 1995 where my computer had a whopping 4 MEGS of RAM. They actually had a program called “Ram Doubler” I bought that made it run as fast as if it had 8 whole MEGS of ram. Woo-HOO! Flyin’, that was. Still remember backing up the hard drive on 40 to 50 floppies, labeled in order.

  2. When we started grad school, Susan, I had to get a new computer because mine only had a 128 mg hard drive and that wasn’t big enough to handle Blackboard. When I had bought the computer about 4 years before, that was a HUGE harddrive. Now it’s not even a decent-sized flash drive!

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