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DBF sent me an article this morning that is quite interesting.  Briefly, Wikipedia has announced that,

[…] last week Wikipedia acknowledged it had been hijacked by global warming alarmists who squelched dissenting science.

Turns out one of the editors of the subject was very decidedly on one side of the fence.  All well and good, but it was discovered that he was deliberately preventing anyone with an opposite view of the matter from adding their information to the page.

He routinely deleted entries that presented competing views and barred contributors with whom he disagreed. He also smeared scientific skeptics by rewriting their online biographies.


Now, many of us have been warning students that Wikipedia might be a good jumping-off point for doing research, but shouldn’t be considered an authoritative source.  Now it appears that articles may be even more suspect that we had thought.

How many students have gotten their information on this subject from Wikipedia, only to have gotten only one side of the story?  How many other pages are being slanted like this?

Kudos to Wikipedia for putting a stop to this, but I have to wonder how many other rogue editors are lurking in their pages.

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Michael Porter has a quick post that I must share with you.

When I was a senior in college, I did a project using UWM’s mainframe computer and punch cards.  I’m guessing that it was an enormously expensive machine and probably didn’t have the computing capability of my phone.  And it took up a huge amount of physical space.

You can now get 1/4 of a terrabite of storage on a flash drive for under $100.  I could fit a terrabite of storage in my purse. (DH would tell you I could fit a small village in my purse, but that’s another discussion.)

This shrinkage of size and affordability seem important, but I can’t quite put my finger on why it’s so significant.  I just have a feeling this will be looked back upon as a turning point.




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Scholarship dinner

This is a test post about scholarship.  For teaching purposes….pay no attention to the woman behind the curtain.

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A local television station did a story about the long-distance education connection.  Nice coverage!

I’m glad I could help get this ball rolling.  Now, who’s next?



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