Marketing brilliance

Many of you have seen the fabulous Old Spice commercials with the ridiculously good-looking spokesperson.  The Old Spice people started a Twitter phenomenon last week when they invited people to submit ideas for their Old Spice Guy to talk about.  One guy even proposed via the Old Spice Guy.

She said yes.

A librarian took up the gauntlet and asked for a library-themed ad,and requested that library tweeps retweet the request.  The Old Spice folks responded with this delightful piece:

This is marketing genius, not to mention hilarious. “Let’s eat peanut butter.”  “Stop throwing pigeons.”  I don’t know who writes this stuff, but they’re a hoot.

The Old Spice YouTube channel has had over 6.5 million views.  That’s a lot of advertising.

There are a couple of interesting things at play here.  First of all, the idea is fabulous. The viral quality of the campaign seems like a new twist, and once the ad for libraries was up, it was tweeted, passed along on Facebook, and no doubt emailed around the library world.  How many Old Spice ads might you have watched without this campaign?

Andy has a great post on the whole phenomenon, including a link to how the Old Spice people managed to pull this off.

Sheer genius.


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