The benefits of misbehaving.

I was a bad houseguest.

DBF and I were staying with her sister, Eileen, who has taken up painting.  She’s really good.  And I openly admired a painting hanging in the house, telling her if she was missing the painting, don’t look in my suitcase.

Well, the woman gave it to me.  Really.  I felt awful…..and uncouth….but I accepted it anyway.  I love it.

See what I mean?  It’s gorgeous.  (My photo doesn’t do it justice.) Warm and colorful and soothing and lush.  Makes me want to go to that place and revel in the beauty.

Eileen also does pet portraits, and they’re amazing.  I actually asked if one of them was a photograph, it was so real.  (I’m such a bad art enthusiast.)  But they were swell.

She doesn’t have a web site yet, but if you’re interested in contacting her and seeing some of her stuff, you can email her.

Tell her the bad houseguest sent you.


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