Michael Sauers, Nebraska Library Commission

Twitter id – msauers

Has twitter up on screen, refreshing to see new tweets for #cil2010.

Is the only person tweeting for the Nebraska Library Commission.  Feed a lot of his content through twitter.  LibraryThing, blog posts, digg, foursquare.  (Earned the overshare badge in foursquare yesterday.)

Almost all the room is on twitter.  Michael wonders why we’re here.

Question about feeding different applications into twitter – how to do? Foursquare is built in.  Uses twitterfeed to feed blog posts to facebook and twitter.  Delicious bookmarks can post to twitter, as does digg.

Question as to what a library would put on twitter? Events, new books. He suggests to ask the patrons.  Audience member tweets new books, dvds, projects. Another tweets programming, uses facebook twitter feed so cross-posts.  Another posts seminars and is careful to add hashtags.

HootSuite is a service that allows for multiple twitter feeds – can post to as many as you check.  Can also give permissions to others to post to accounts. Has an analytic that gives you stats on the feeds.

You can set up lists of the people you follow on twitter, and you can group them.  You can make the lists public, so you can group them and share.

The Hy-Vee Meat department has a twitter feed.  Audience member – local ice cream truck has a twitter feed, and tweets its location.  Anyone have a bookmobile?

Question from a self-proclaimed skeptic – who cares?  How has this benefited the NLC? He finds that twitter is useful as a broadcast of information he thinks his followers might be interested in. Also, can “query the hive” – ask the group a question.

Tweet to his account – Baltimore’s @prattlibrary is a great example of how libraries can use Twitter to great benefit.

Why 140 characters or less?  Originally designed for text messaging, which is 160 characters.  Your user id can be 20 characters, so the limit on a message would be 140.


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