Google Wave

Bob Keith, Technologist, New Jersey State Library

Rebecca Jones, Managing Partner, Dysart & Jones Associates

Rebecca has the room do the wave, to get started.  Tweet her at rebeccajonesgal re: CIL2011.

Checked room re: Google Buzz.  Virtually no one using. Decided to do a panel on Wave last year.  Did a room check on wave users – rather few.

We’re always trying out new things and we need to be trying new things, and they tend to morph into other things.  Who knows what wave might end up becoming?

Wave took a risk in launching a product that was really in an alpha state.

Queried the audience on how many tried Wave and gave up.  Lots of hands.  Rebecca had to jump back into wave in preparation for this session.

It’s a sandbox we can learn in.

Bob: Wave for this session.  Search in wave for with:public tag:cil2010.

Wave video on “what is google wave?”  [Video very slow – had to shut Google Wave in order to make the video run properly, because Wave was using too much power. Much laughter at that.]

Google wave vs. email

  • real-time
  • extensibility
  • hosted
  • playback
  • easier file sharing

As he’s talking, people (including me) are chatting on the wave.  Kinda cool.

You can play Zork in wave.  (No idea what he’s talking about, but a few audience members were thrilled to hear this.)

Recommends using Chrome for Wave.

Gadgets: Google making as an open-source protocol.

Robots: automated participants in a wave. They can do anything a user can do. Most often used to respond to user unput and either alter unput or access information from outside sources based on input.  Demonstrates the zork game as an example.

What’s it good for?

  • to-do list or work log
  • event planner
  • meeting notes
  • project management

Question about archiving a project if using for project management.  Bob suggests not trusting at this point. There might be a document you create – once it’s done, the only way to save is to copy and paste it out.


  • access permissions
  • extensions menu
  • email notifications
  • wave is still in preview so things are changing all the time!


  • low adoption due to wave being invite only.
  • wave can be slow at times
  • not easy to export or print waves
  • unable to remove participants from waves

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