Eating my words

You know, you’d think I’d learn.  I’m forever making pronouncements that I later have to retract.  (e.g., “Who would ever want two master’s degrees?”  “Who on earth would ever watch a History channel?” Ahem.)

I was a firm disbeliever in the whole Kindle phenomenon. Couldn’t imagine why anyone would want to read something on that rather than a good, old-fashioned book.


I read a story a few weeks ago about the library at Oregon State, and how they had gotten a few Kindles for recreational reading since their collection was primarily reference-oriented. The response has been explosive and their waiting list to use them is growing by the minute.

Intrigued, I contacted them and had a great conversation with one of their librarians. Then I chatted with our IT Director.  And then we were hooked.

We are now the proud owners of two shiny new Kindles.  And I’m thinking they’re the coolest thing.  They’re much slimmer and lighter than I had imagined.  And pretty user-friendly.

And the books!  You can add a book with the touch of a finger.  (DH is finding this a particularly dangerous precedent.)

I’m taking one with me to Computers in Libraries next week, so that I can play with it and get to know it more thoroughly. And I’m completely digging the fact that I can carry 20 books with me in this little package.

So, I eat my words.  They’re pretty cool.


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One response to “Eating my words

  1. Susan Mark

    The first time I saw Kindle, I realized it was WAY cooler than I thought it would be. I’m not willing to pony up the money to buy one personally, but if the cost comes down — pretty likely given the history of electronics — I could be interested. Would be much nicer than hauling books with me when I travel.

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