You, the Online Version

Michael Porter, speaking at lunch.

Fascinating to see how our integration with technology has changed. Can be an interesting overlap between using social networking tools personally and professionally. May be more challenging for us because we work with the public so much.

Products and sites mentioned are on Delicious/libraryman.  Tag: identity.

ChiliFresh – book review engine.

Flickr photo of blood dripping from his hand after cutting himself chopping chilis. Many, many comments on photo. Felt a bit conflicted about being “out there” as much as he is, even though a blog post was written by Michael Stephens using him as an example of how we should put ourselves “out there.”

Also need to consider personal safety.

Personal Flickr account has over 250,000 views. Amazing amount of traffic.

Interesting line between being online as much as you are and narcissism, whether representing yourself or the institution.

You: 101

Be yourself

Think before you speak

Be kind

Be nice

Once it’s out there, it’s out there

Don’t be scared

You’re allowed to not be perfect

Be authentic

Your mother will love you regardless!

The ugly:


1) register with random strange usernames

2) register with individual emails

3) profile information on site is outdated


1) Slow or no replies to users

2) Institutional in tone

3) Selectively friend people

Online Reputation management – watch it! Search for yourself or your library, see what people are saying about you.

WebJunction – has functions for creating a profile, adding friends, joining groups.

If you’re writing a blog, put the blog post on your Facebook page, Tweet about it on Twitter. Interesting user data available on Facebook fans.

Social Media Optimization

  • Increase your linkability.  Put easy links out for people to follow. Reuse content in multiple venues.
  • Make tagging and bookmarking easy. Options for interaction are key: comments, popular social tools. “Tweet this” button, etc.
  • Reward inbound links – props to those providing props. Thank people for being friends of the library
  • Help your content travel. Make it portable, reusable
  • Encourage the mashup. Let others use your work/ideas (within reason.) Creative commons.
  • Stand out – in a good way

You do/don’t:

Do…be creative.

Do…name other people, add hashtags, etc.

Do…allow yourself to show your personality

Be aware of how you’re presenting yourself online. Pictures of you drinking, not fully clothed, etc. may not be something you want to share.


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