Further fun in Massachusetts

As mentioned in this post, the people of Hull, Massachusetts have cut their library’s budget to the point that they lost their state certification.   In response, a neighboring library’s Board voted to stop lending materials to Hull residents.  Hull residents have used the Hingham library rather heavily in the past; one-third of the materials lent to non-residents were lent to Hull patrons.

An 11-year old in Hull is so upset about the loss of her library privileges that she has organized an all-day readathon to raise funds.

Calliope is also an avid user of libraries, borrowing books from across the region and frequenting branches throughout the South Shore on her way to and from school, ballet, and karate practice. So it came as a particular blow when cuts in Hull not only sheared the library’s budget and hours but also cost the town its state certification last month.

“Now people from Hull can’t go to any other library,” said Calliope, whose library card is no longer welcome in most other communities.

The 11-year-old decided to do something about it. Today she organized an all-day “readathon” of the J.K. Rowling book that started it all, “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone,” to raise awareness about the situation and money for the nonprofit group that supports the library.

I hope this shames the board of the Hull library, the Hull city council, and anyone else that’s listening in Hull to wake up and refund the library.


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