I had an interesting phone call this afternoon.  A gentleman asked whether we carried a particular journal.  I checked and we do – in an online format.

He scoffed, “Oh, no.  I don’t do that internet stuff.”  He thanked me and hung up.

I have been pondering this ever since our conversation. This “internet stuff” is becoming more and more prevalent, especially for academic journals.

I wonder what he will do, when the only access he will have will be online?  And how many of this guy are there out there?


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  1. Lisa

    Lots. Mostly the older generation. My parents (early 80s) resisted buying a computer for many years, but finally gave in. And they’re not getting it at all. They don’t get the difference between a web site and a search engine. They don’t understand that when you’ve moved your mouse off the pad to the end of the table you have to lift it up and move it back. They call me every time they need to check their email – how do we get into email again? It’s been frustrating. My mom hasn’t been to a library in 20 years – won’t (can’t) use the online catalog.

    So, yes, they’re out there.

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