On social networks

There seems to be a movement towards Twitter lately, and away from Facebook a bit.  Sort of.  I’m having a hard time grasping exactly why I’m feeling this, especially since organizations and businesses seem to be jumping on the Facebook wagon.

What I’m finding, however, is that Facebook has become a place where people are talking about their game stuff almost incessantly. There’s even a new group that is entitled, “I don’t care about your farm, or your fish, or your park, or your mafia!”  The group has over 3.6 million fans.

Meanwhile, Twitter is becoming increasingly active, and is full of interesting stuff.  There’s extraneous stuff, too, but that can be rather fun.  I’m finding myself watching Twitter for information and news.  My Twitter feed updates constantly.  There are seven new tweets just since I started writing this post.

Google Bing Buzz has joined the fray, but I’m not sure if that it going to be much competition.  (Be aware, however, that my prescient abilities seem to be almost non-existent. For example, when a high school friend joined a newly-formed History Channel, I wondered whether anyone would ever watch, and questioned how long it would last. Duh.)

Tried Google Wave. I was seriously underwhelmed.  Perhaps that will become more….something.  In the meantime, I’m not impressed enough to continue to play with it.

I’m finding that my life is busy enough that I will use the tools – networks, web pages, services – that I find useful and that add value, and can’t be bothered to plug away at those that may have promise but just aren’t there yet.



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3 responses to “On social networks

  1. I’m guessing you mean Google Buzz, since Bing is Microsoft’s competitor to Google…and “there are seven new Twitters just since I started writing this post” is one reason I’m staying away from Twitter…

  2. Ah – you’re right, Walt. I do mean Google Buzz.

    I was on the fence with Twitter for a long time, but I admit I’m hooked. But it definitely can be distracting.

  3. Susan M.

    To be truthful, I’m feeling completely betrayed by Google with the new Buzz thing. I specifically did not activate it, then found I automatically had followers & people I was following. Unfollowed, blocked the followers, disabled Buzz, but I should have had the option of opting in, not opting out. I’m extremely cautious with my Facebook account (and honestly, thinking of deleting it), so the idea that my info went out there without my consent is irritating, to say the least.

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