Good move.

It’s about time!

For years, I’ve been opining about the decision to refer to school librarians as “media specialists.” To my middle-aged ears, this sounds like the A/V guy, not a librarian.  Since most of the school boards these days are middle-aged guys (using the term generically) this presents a problem; suggesting the position of “media specialist” be discontinued is, I’m guessing, not taken with the horror that would result if it was suggested that the school remove the librarian position.

The AASL apparently agrees:

Forget media specialist or teacher-librarian. As far as the American Association of School Librarians (AASL) is concerned, the official title for the profession is now school librarian.

The AASL board of directors voted in favor of the move on Saturday during theAmerican Librarian Association’s midwinter meeting in Boston. And that means “school librarian” will be used in all of the profession’s advocacy efforts and publications, including reports and press releases.

The article goes on to mention how this might be a problem for some schools that now have retitled their libraries “Learning Commons” or for those districts that call their librarians “media center specialists.” Bah.  We’re librarians, regardless of what building we’re in.

Well done AASL.


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