Chemistry meets poetry

Here at MPOW, the faculty is designing the curriculum to be, as much as possible, interdisciplinary. One shining recent example was an assignment given to the chemistry students to write a haiku on an article in the periodic table.  Brilliant.  A number of the faculty and staff were roped in….er….allowed to participate.

We each drew an element out of a jar.  Mine was Astatine.  Never heard of it.  In preparing to write, I had to research the element – which, of course, was the point.  I now know that astatine is the rarest of the naturally occurring elements, is highly radioactive, and is very dark.  They think.  Apparently this element hangs around for such a short period of time that no one really knows much about it.

The Periodic Table of Haiku has now been published.  Wander over and take a look.  It’s pretty cool stuff.



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2 responses to “Chemistry meets poetry

  1. Susan M

    Oh that’s fantastic! Can’t wait to go read more of it.

    For more periodic table fun, try going to YouTube and looking up Tom Lehrer and the elements song.

  2. if anyone is interested the story of a pilot, fighting to survive, check this out:

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