It has been an eventful decade, and it has taken me a few days to wrap my head around the way my life has changed since 1999.  Most of the events have been wonderful; a few have been complete surprises.

  • I met and subsequently married my husband.  Very good thing.  DH is the gift I thank God for every day.
  • I moved to Sidney, Nebraska.  Also a very good thing.  The people were lovely and generous, the history of the area was fun to explore, and I ended up with a terrific job as the Director of the Sidney Public Library.  Which led to…
  • I went to school and earned a Master in Library Science.  Becoming a librarian was a complete surprise to me; apparently, the fact that I would love working in a place surrounded by books answering reference questions was a surprise only to me.  My friends and family responded to my wonder at loving the job with a resounding, “Duh.”
  • My husband gifted me with a Goldendoodle for my birthday.  Casey is the other love of my life.  What a joy.
  • I discovered the world of blogs and such.  This has been a fun development, though it’s one of the things that can rob time from “real life.”  I enjoy the interactions and connections that happen online, though, and have loved being in touch and reconnecting with people.
  • We moved to Rochester, Minnesota.  Another very good thing.  We have a lovely house, have made some lovely friends, and have enjoyed our respective jobs.  It’s also much closer to Milwaukee, which is home to both DH and me, so that’s another bonus.
  • We became grandparents.  I highly recommend it.
  • I accepted a job as the librarian at UMR.  Yes, another very good thing.  I’m loving being with the students and faculty and staff.  It’s a bit odd that it was the love of books that drew me to librarianship, and now I’m in a virtual library.  But I’m loving it.

There were many other wonderful things that happened in the past ten years, and there were, of course, some horrible things that happened.  On the whole, however, I was blessed with a wonderful husband, loving and supportive friends, jobs that I enjoyed, and beautiful and warm homes in which to live. Not bad.  Not bad at all.

I’m looking forward to this decade and the wonders it will bring.


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