Snow Day

We’re winding down the Blizzard of the Century (or whatever superlative you’d care to use.)  Classes were canceled at MPOW, though faculty and staff were to try to make it in.

I tried.  I followed DH (who is equipped with a 4WD vehicle) in my Camry.  It did not go well.  The neighborhood hadn’t been plowed, and I got well and truly stuck. In the spirit of snowstorms since time immemorial, neighbors jumped in to help push my car back to the house.   I called the attempt good and hunkered down with the dogs in front of the fireplace.  I’ve actually been able to get quite a bit done from home – have worked on the webpage with our web developer, have answered a student reference question, and have participated in a committee meeting via phone. I could get used to this.

My high school alma mater has also canceled school.  The principal has this blog post on the subject:

OK, so the students have the day off. Here are the rules —

1. Finish your homework.
2. Help shovel at your house, and then at a neighbor’s who needs the help.
3. Make at least one snow angel.
4. DON’T go to the mall!

I love this.  We should all have Snow Day Rules.

Mine would include:

1. Sit by the fire and pet the dogs.

2. Look out the window and view the wondrous beauty of a snowstorm.

3. Appreciate the camaraderie that storms bring.

4. Marvel in the ease of communication with peers.  Being able to work effectively from home is a wonder, indeed.

5. Appreciate the DH that got up early to clear the driveway.

What are your snow day rules?


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One response to “Snow Day

  1. Susan M

    1. Sleep in
    2. Play music
    3. If enough snow… get out the cross-country skis and ski around on the neighborhood streets
    4. Bake bread
    5. Snuggle with the dog
    6. Drink red wine

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