On blogging

I’ve been wandering through my blog this afternoon, revisiting some of my earliest blog posts.  DBF commented this morning that I need to get back to blogging.  It’s true that I haven’t blogged as often.  I’ve been distracted by both Facebook and Twitter and their sharing abilities, and am reading many bloggers who are feeling the same pull.

I’ve noticed something in rereading those posts, however.  There is a depth of thought in a blog post that can’t be captured in 140 characters.  Not all of the posts were pithy missives, of course, but some were not bad at all.

Perhaps there is a benefit to communicating in longer messages.  We’re moving so quickly in our world, and it seems to be speeding up exponentially.  We’re to the point where it’s difficult to concentrate for any length of time, so accustomed are we to having our attention pulled away every 30 seconds or so.

To that end, I think I’ll wander over more often. Come along if you like.  If you’d rather the short bursts, you can find me on Twitter as mbsam.

Update: Turns out, I’m not the only one feeling like this.



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2 responses to “On blogging

  1. DBF

    Nice to have you back. And yes, Twitter is not long enough to be interesting. Please write more.
    D (if I say so myself) BF

  2. Told ya so ;^)
    Long after the FB posts are buried in pages of application postings (grrr-the farm), and twitters evaporate —– blog posts will stand like books on a digital shelf.

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