I’ll take Lestat.

New Moon opens this weekend.  Apparently, teenagers and other assorted folks are all a-twitter.  That’s both literal and figurative; the Twitterverse is ablaze with New Moon references.

I am not interested.

Perhaps it’s that I’m well past my teenaged years.  Perhaps it’s that I have the urge to tell the star to wash and comb his hair, already.  Perhaps the concept of teenage angst combined with vampire lore is a bit too much for me.

Or, perhaps, I was spoiled by Anne Rice.  I was a fan of both her vampire books and her witch series.  These were vampires for grownups.  No teenaged yearning; these vampires acted on their desires.  The books are a bit advanced for young adults, and so I understand that the Twilight series is more appropriate.

I haven’t read the Twilight series.  I’m told by many that they’re terrific books, but I can’t bring myself to care enough to read them.  Maybe that will change, but I have my own set of vampire books that have set the bar on the subject.

I’ll take Lestat.


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