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On blogging

I’ve been wandering through my blog this afternoon, revisiting some of my earliest blog posts.  DBF commented this morning that I need to get back to blogging.  It’s true that I haven’t blogged as often.  I’ve been distracted by both Facebook and Twitter and their sharing abilities, and am reading many bloggers who are feeling the same pull.

I’ve noticed something in rereading those posts, however.  There is a depth of thought in a blog post that can’t be captured in 140 characters.  Not all of the posts were pithy missives, of course, but some were not bad at all.

Perhaps there is a benefit to communicating in longer messages.  We’re moving so quickly in our world, and it seems to be speeding up exponentially.  We’re to the point where it’s difficult to concentrate for any length of time, so accustomed are we to having our attention pulled away every 30 seconds or so.

To that end, I think I’ll wander over more often. Come along if you like.  If you’d rather the short bursts, you can find me on Twitter as mbsam.

Update: Turns out, I’m not the only one feeling like this.



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Luddite in the Library

Lovely story in the LA Times about a woman’s visit to the library.  Worth a read.

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I’ll take Lestat.

New Moon opens this weekend.  Apparently, teenagers and other assorted folks are all a-twitter.  That’s both literal and figurative; the Twitterverse is ablaze with New Moon references.

I am not interested.

Perhaps it’s that I’m well past my teenaged years.  Perhaps it’s that I have the urge to tell the star to wash and comb his hair, already.  Perhaps the concept of teenage angst combined with vampire lore is a bit too much for me.

Or, perhaps, I was spoiled by Anne Rice.  I was a fan of both her vampire books and her witch series.  These were vampires for grownups.  No teenaged yearning; these vampires acted on their desires.  The books are a bit advanced for young adults, and so I understand that the Twilight series is more appropriate.

I haven’t read the Twilight series.  I’m told by many that they’re terrific books, but I can’t bring myself to care enough to read them.  Maybe that will change, but I have my own set of vampire books that have set the bar on the subject.

I’ll take Lestat.

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Librarian Joke of the Day

Especially for public librarians:

Sherlock Holmes is called in to investigate a murder. After examining the scene Holmes announces that the killer was a librarian.

“How can you tell?” asks Dr Watson.

“Elementary my dear Watson. First the murderer not only alphabetized the victims books, but shelved them by genre.

“There is the fact that the murder itself was clearly inspired by a rare Victor Hugo novel recently acquired by the branch library down the street.

“However the real give away is that after the victim was killed the murderer dragged his body over to the toilet and wrote on the body ‘can you find the bathroom now?! can you find the bathroom now?!”

Thanks to Dave Lankes for the morning chuckle.

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