Why libraries rock.

LPLThe Louisville Public Library has reopened!

The main library was severely damaged by flooding, with over four feet of water in the basement.

[Library Director Craig] Buthod said up to 4 feet of water poured into the basement of the Main Library, much of which is used for operations. Buthod said at least 10,000 books, audiobooks, CDs and DVDs were damaged. Many of the items were new and awaiting distribution to the branches. Buthod said the average cost per item was conservatively $20.

All three Bookmobiles parked at the library were damaged by flooding, and water pressure blew out some basement windows. Conference and meeting rooms and offices in the basement and their furnishings also were damaged.

All the library’s boilers, air-conditioning controls, chillers and air-handling equipment were waterlogged, with the extent of the damage impossible to assess until the water is pumped out, Buthod said. Some of the mechanical equipment was less than 10 years old, but some was much older, he said.

All the computers at all the branches were rendered inoperative when flooding damaged the central computer unit and wiring in the Main Library’s basement.

Also ruined, officials said, were about 40 new computers awaiting delivery to the new Newburg branch, which will be dedicated Aug. 15. Buthod said the dedication will go ahead as planned, with or without computers. The Newburg computers cost about $50,000.

It is amazing that the library has, in typical library fashion, done what needed to be done to reopen the library and make its services once again available to its patrons.  Fabulous.

The library could still use your help.  Donations can be sent to the Louisville Public Library Foundation.

Let’s help these fine folks get back on their feet!


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