The gathering storm

We had the third in a series of three new freshman orientation days this week.  The students came, some with the bounce of youth and confidence, some with the timid demeanor of  shyness or uncertainty.  Many came with their parents. Some came alone.  Roommates were introduced, budding friendships begun.

The student affairs folks did a wonderful job breaking the ice with the kids, working with the parents to assuage their fears and answer their questions, and generally welcome all to the newest campus for UM.  As the Librarian, I was introduced and mingled and answered questions.

We won’t see them again for a month or so.  But they’re always in the back of our minds as we prepare for the upcoming semester.  Yuko, our new writing instructor (and a published author!) and I will be working together on class presentations and work.  I’ll also be working with other faculty members, to see how I can be incorporated into their classes, so that Information Literacy is an integral piece of the curriculum.

It’s going to be an exciting fall.  At the moment, it’s quiet….and I have the feeling of the calm before the storm, when nature is hushed in anticipation of the coming deluge.

Perhaps I should savor the quiet while it lasts.  The storm is coming.


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