A while back, I came close to sneering at Twitter and how folks were tweeting away.  By this time in my life, I should learn that sneering at something inevitably brings me closer to it and leads to an adoption of the subject of my sneer.

(Case in point: when I worked at a Major University in the upper Midwest, I would sneer at those who chose to pursue a second master’s degree rather than a PhD.  Ahem.  Here I sit, with my two master’s degrees.)

In any case, I’ve been Twittering for a while now.  It look some time before I really started to embrace it, but having connected Twitter, Facebook, and Delicious I find myself increasingly drawn to the confluence of information that I’m getting from colleagues and friends.

I’m also finding myself blogging less.  I’m not sure that’s a good thing; there’s a limit to how much information can be passed along in 140 characters.  (The limit on a Twitter post, for those of you that haven’t jumped in.)  However, since I’m using these tools more, I feel as if I’m writing all the time.

Perhaps this is indicative of our society’s decreasing attention span.  Perhaps this is that “continuous partial attention” that Linda Stone speaks of.

In any case, I will try to balance all of these tools and will jump over here to actually complete a thought, rather than abbreviate one.

How are all of you handling these tools?  Are you abandoning tools you’ve used in favor of new ones?



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2 responses to “Changes

  1. Interesting . . . . but OK, you asked. I poked at Twitter for quite a well. I lurked in Twitterland, and really did not find anything very enlightening. So I deleted my Twitter account, and felt like a recovered alcoholic. Twitter is not for me at this time, and I’m OK with being left out of it.

    Then twitter aficionados started posting simultancously their tweets onto Facebook (it seemed like a sudden pandemic), which results in my FB being a litany of disconnected Tweets. Almost as annoying as the tweets are all the applications ranging from “how well do you know” to “what movie character are you.” Any meaningful or even fun dialogue is now pretty much gone on FB, because the tweeters don’t actually go there. They just broadcast their one-sided ego trips onto FB remotely. I thought this was a social network, but there needs to be more than a one-sided monolog to be social. I’m feeling less of an urge to check into Facebook when my Friends don’t talk with me, only at me.

    Many people have given up writing insightful blog posts in favor of off-the-cuff tweet posts written with less forethought.

    Nothing personal, but this is how I’m feeling

  2. I understand completely, Barb. It took me quite a while to get on board with the whole Twitter thing, and I’m still not completely sold. That being said, the Iranian election has birthed a whole Twitter news broadcast, from different Iranians reporting on what’s happening over there – something forbidden in the traditional media outlets.

    It will be interesting to see how this plays out and how Twitter will be used in the future.

    As for the social media thing, I get that, too. I really don’t need to see what Sesame Street character you are or some such nonsense. (I do admit to playing along on occasion.) I wish there was more conversation on Facebook, and it does happen every now and then. It’s been fun to reconnect through Facebook, though. I just was “friended” by a young woman that worked for me at the public library when she was in high school Good to be able to catch up.

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