Library, reconfigured

It’s the summer break here at MPOW, and boy, is it quiet. I’ve gotten rather used to the constant stream of students in the library and I miss them. I’m also wrapping my mind around the fact that these patrons that I’ve gotten to know are suddenly gone – and many of them won’t return. That’s par for the course in an academic library, of course, and is what should happen. But as a former public librarian, I’m used to developing a relationship with a patron that would last a lifetime.

I feel like a mother bird whose chicks have flown the nest. Bon voyage, all.  I’ll miss you.

In the interim, I’m reconfiguring the library space. The library is the Quiet Space on campus, but at the moment is rather full of desktop computers making it look more like a computer lab. Since our incoming freshman class will be armed with laptops, I’m removing half the desktops and replacing them with comfortable chairs and a few tables. I think the ambiance of the library will be quite changed. For the better, hopefully.

We’ve also started a Book Exchange, requested by staff. I’ve brought in a bag full from home (and there’s more where those came from) and others will join in. I had thought to do this for the students, since my collection development doesn’t include recreational reading material. A couple of staff members approached me last week and asked if we could do this in the library, much to the delight of the rest of the faculty and staff.

It’s been an educational, entertaining, and invigorating year. I can’t wait to see what’s to come.


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