What the….?

In the category of boneheaded decisions comes this gem:

ACADEMICS at Oxford University have banned step-ladders from its world famous Bodleian library – because of health and safety fears.

The ban means students are unable to reach books on the top shelves but dons refuse to bring them lower because it would remove them from their “original historic location”.

Students travel to libraries as far away as London to view other copies.

Step-ladders have been used by scholars to reach books in Duke Humfrey’s reading room for decades.

But the university’s health and safety officer put his foot down and they were removed two weeks ago.

Books on the top shelves include tomes about art history and poetry.

Art history student Kelsey Williams, 21, said: “Access to these books is necessary for my research.”

Laurence Benson, the library’s director of administration and finance, said: “The library would prefer to keep the books in their original historic location – where they have been safely consulted for 400 years prior to the instructions from the health and safety office.”

Words fail.


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