We’re doing something wrong, and I’m not sure what it is, exactly.  But more and more applications are being developed that help people choose books, borrow books, recommend books……

The latest in this trend is called BookArmy.  According to KillerStartups, this site:

…is more than likely to provide you with enough information to fill your spare nights with literature worth going through. Essentially, Book Army is a social site that lets its users discuss the authors that they like best and comment on their works.

Hmmm.  Sounds like a library with a good book club.

Both old and new authors are taken into consideration, and after you have created a profile it will be possible for you to receive recommendations based on the books that you included in your list of favorite titles. This virtual bookshelf can also be employed for instant comparison with other members of the community. 

On the other hand, the site lets authors claim their own page and create an online spot where they can connect with their readers and engage into conversation with them. Authors can also lead web-chats and illustrate their readers about any point that is deemed as worthwhile. 

All in all, the site will give you every necessary resource you might need for organizing your reading life. Think of it as a reading club that is wholly web-based, and which can be freely joined.

Good grief.  I’m sure there are libraries doing exactly this.  So, a few questions:

If there are libraries doing this, why don’t we know all about them and their programs?

If there are libraries doing this, why do some people feel compelled to fill a need by creating these applications?

How can we get the word out that this is what libraries do?

Why don’t more libraries have these sorts of online programs?

Since these nice people have written this application, can libraries become involved?


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