It’s almost two weeks into the new year, and I’m just now coming out from under the Cold From Hell.  I’m pretty sure I’ll live.  Luckily, this hit during the winter break, so I should be back to normal by next week when classes start up again.

I’m noticing a dearth of stories out there, and I’m wondering why.  There are a few mentions of how swell the public library is in these tough economic times, most written with such wonder that I’m finding them quite amusing.  (The Public Library has books!  And DVDs!  And they’re free!  Wow!)

Winter has come with a vengeance to Minnesota.  It’s snowing again as I write, to be followed by gale-force winds and sub-zero temperatures.  You know you’re becoming acclimated when 17 degrees feels relatively warm.  It’s awfully pretty, though.  You can check out the view from the Chancellor’s window here at MPOW if you’d like to share the fun.


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  1. DBF

    Well, how cool is that? Now I can see what weather is on its way to us!

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