Auld Lang Syne

End of another year. Time to look back, I suppose. Unfortunately, I’m currently sharing DH’s nasty head cold and can barely think straight, much less reminisce. But a few tidbits…

Started a new job this year, which has proven fun and challenging. I’m sure the next year will bring more of the same.

While DH and I are blessed with relatively stable jobs, I’m feeling compelled to downsize a bit. Pull in. I wonder how many others are feeling the same?

Have survived health scares, of my own and those of dear friends. Let’s pray for health for everyone in the coming year.

Of course, the election was historic in many ways, and this new year will bring a new administration. While Obama was not my candidate, he will be my President. Let’s hope he’s treated more kindly than was President Bush. And let’s pray our enemies don’t see this as an opportunity.

Blessings to all in this new year.


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  1. MB!!!

    I found you! I have been meaning to get in touch with you ever since I saw your condolence message for my mom(thank you very much for that, by the way, it was nice to see a familiar ‘Theatre on the Hill-er’). Send me a email sometime and let me know how you’re doing…


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