I just got an email from the presidential candidate I support.  Well, from his campaign.  He encourages me to vote tomorrow, and asks for my vote.

Nothing new, really.

What is interesting is that the email included my address, the address of my polling place, an estimate of how long it will take me to get there, and driving directions.

I think that’s cool.  I knew where to go to vote, but if I didn’t, this email would have been incredibly helpful.  Good job, Campaign People.



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2 responses to “Helpful

  1. Amy

    I would be creeped-out by this! But maybe the email address was for work, and the directions were based on that? I can tell I’m getting too old for this. 🙂 Signed an academic librarian in Virginia

  2. Don’t worry, Virginia! I had actually registered on the candidate’s web page, so they have me down as a supporter. Since I provided the information it didn’t bother me.

    But you’re right that we’re losing our privacy at an alarming rate. And some of the web “services” are a bit much for me, too. I no longer purchase from Amazon because their interface was creeping me out – always recommending something based on what I had purchased before. Much too intrusive for my taste.

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