Beneficial Mobs

This is a terrific idea, and I wish I lived closer to Boston so that I could participate: the folks at Library Thing are calling for a Cataloging Flash Mob for a local Episcopal Church.

We’re having a “flash-mob” cataloging party November 15th, Saturday, in Beverly, MA (just north of Boston). We’ll descend on St. John’s Episcopal Church, catalog their 1,200-odd books, eat some pizza, talk some talk and leave them with a gleaming new LibraryThing catalog. Books, bibliophiles, conversation, barcode scanners, pizza! (Not to mention Mike, Sonya, Tim, maybe Abby, with a slight chance of Liam.)

Why: Quite a few small libraries use LibraryThing as their catalog—schools, churches, synagogues, Masonic temples, companies, museums, and even a couple of embassies! They find LibraryThing much cheaper and easier to use than most “library automation” software. (More about organizations using LibraryThing here.)

What a fabulous idea!  For those of you living near Boston, join in the fun!

For those of us not living in the area, are there organizations in your neck of the woods that could benefit from something like this?



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2 responses to “Beneficial Mobs

  1. Ann

    Don’t forget–the multitypes are sponsoring Tim Spaudling at MLA. He is the Wednesday luncheon speaker.

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