Name trouble

I have too many names.

My parents gave me two first names: Mary Elizabeth is shortened to Mary Beth.  I added the second surname when I married DH, and so I have two last names, as well.  Hyphenated, to boot.

This causes no end of trouble on various and sundry websites, whose programs are set up to take One Name.  No alternative characters.  I invariably end up as Mary Sancombmoran.  Not really my name, but close.

It is unbelievably irritating to be told by a computer program that your name is wrong.  Doesn’t fit their parameters.  Needs to be altered.


So the library-related question is: for those of you with the option of applying for your library cards online, do your programs annoy your patrons like this?  In the spirit of Work Like a Patron Day, try and add a name like mine to your database.  Two first names.  Hyphenated last name.  Does it work?

If not – please fix it!


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One response to “Name trouble

  1. Debbie

    Hi Mary

    I love it when the clerk looks at the charge card and attempts to address me by my last name without the hypen.

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